The City of Romance and Vitality-大连 (dà lián)

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

大连 (dà lián), also known as 滨城 (bīn chénɡ) Bincheng, is located at the southernmost point of Northeast China and is a city full of romance and vitality. Here is a charming seaside scenery, with the blue sea and golden beaches forming a beautiful picture. Strolling on the seaside pier, feeling the gentle breeze and admiring the distant sailboat, it is as if one can feel the vitality and vitality of the city of Dalian. Dalian not only has a romantic seaside atmosphere but also has a unique historical and cultural heritage. Entering the old street, one can feel the historical sedimentation and traditional atmosphere of this city. Modern Dalian, on the other hand, showcases the vitality and innovation of the city. The towering buildings, modern urban planning, and convenient transportation have given Dalian a vibrant vitality. Dalian is also a vibrant city. Whether it's day or night, there are rich and 多彩的 (duō cǎi de) colorful entertainment activities here. From food streets to bars and nightclubs, from shopping centers to cultural and art exhibitions, Dalian offers a rich and diverse range of entertainment options for tourists and residents. In autumn, this city becomes even more unique, with clear skies and increasingly blue waters. The streets and alleys are filled with golden ginkgo biloba and crimson maple leaves, and trams slowly come from afar. The unique architecture makes people feel as if they are on the streets of Europe, turning around and crossing a small path as if they have entered a 童话世界 (tónɡ huà shì jiè) fairy tale world. In Dalian, whether it's strolling along the seaside or experiencing the bustling city, one can always maintain comfort, and reap joy and surprise. This city attracts countless tourists with its unique charm, becoming an indispensable tourist destination in China, and is also regarded as the ultimate destination by many people who yearn for freedom. In addition, Dalian is a 足球城 (zú qiú chénɡ) football city with a profound football heritage and a wide fan base. Football and the city are integrated, making it the best choice for citizens to strengthen their physical fitness and cultivate their character. Dalian has unique climate conditions, regional advantages, and complete urban infrastructure, which make it suitable for hosting high-quality sports events. Whether you love football or not, you can feel the sincere passion and vitality, and no one will be infected by such emotions.

多彩的 (duō cǎi de), adj, colorful


  1. Don't forget this colourful dream.
    bú yào wànɡ le zhè ɡe duō zī duō cǎi de mènɡ xiǎnɡ.
  2. Children's world is colourful.
    hái zi men de shì jiè shì duō zī duō cǎi de.
  3. The leaves are colourful.
    shù yè shì duō cǎi de.

童话世界(tónɡ huà shì jiè), noun, fairy tale world


  1. I suspect I have arrived in a fairy tale world.
    wǒ zhēn huái yí zì jǐ shì dào le yí ɡè tónɡ huà shì jiè.
  2. It is so white just like a fairy tales world.
    bái dé xiànɡ yí ɡè tónɡ huà shì jiè.

Places worth visiting

金石滩地质公园(jīn shí tān dì zhì ɡōnɡ yuán)-Jinshitan Geopark

威尼斯水城(wēi ní sī shuǐ chénɡ)-Venice Water City

大黑山(dà hēi shān)-Big Black Mountain

渔人码头(yú rén mǎ tou)-fisherman's wharf

老虎滩海洋公园(láo hǔ tān hǎi yánɡ ɡōnɡ yuán)-Laohutan Ocean Park

星海广场(xīnɡ hǎi ɡuánɡ chǎnɡ)-Xinghai Square

Local Specialty Cuisine

五彩雪花扇贝(wú cǎi xuě huā shàn bèi)-Colorful Snowflake Scallops
清蒸灯笼鲍鱼(qīnɡ zhēnɡ dēnɡ lonɡ bào yú)-Steamed Lantern Abalone
炒海肠(chǎo hǎi chánɡ)-Stir fried sea sausage
大连虾酱(dà lián xiā jiànɡ)-Dalian shrimp sauce

Best Travel Season

May September is the most suitable month for travel, with a pleasant climate and beautiful sunny beaches that captivate people. September October is the best time for fishing by the sea, as it is the time for sea fish to return. It is highly recommended for tourists to take the unique tram in Dalian for a unique and enjoyable ride.

Key Sentences

  1. Train tickets to Dalian are sold at that window.
    qù dà lián de huǒ chē piào zài nà ɡè chuānɡ kǒu mài.
  2. The largest and most delicious apples come from Dalian.
    zuì dà zuì hǎo chī de pínɡ ɡuǒ chǎn yú dà lián.
  3. More and more people come to visit Dalian.
    lái dà lián lǚ yóu de rén rì yì zēnɡ duō.
  4. She has been away, spending the summer in Dalian.
    tā lí kāi le yí duàn shí jiān , zài dà lián ɡuò xià tiān.
  5. I will go around the city of Dalian by light—rail vehicle instead of subway because I haven't taken it before
    yīn wèi zhī qián méi zuò ɡuò dì tiě , suó yǐ wǒ huì zuò qīnɡ ɡuǐ chē huán rào dà lián shì qū.

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