Finding Your Way: Useful Phrases for Using Maps

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Navigating in China is made easier with map applications like Baidu Maps (百度地图) and Amap (高德地图). Whether you're on foot, driving, or using public transportation, these useful phrases will help you get to your destination smoothly.

Asking for Directions

  1. Excuse me, how do I get to the subway station?

Qǐngwèn, qù dìtiě zhàn zěnme zǒu?
  2. Is this the right way to the train station?


    Zhè shì qù huǒchē zhàn de zhèngquè lùxiàn ma?
  3. Can you show me on the map?


    Nǐ néng zài dìtú shàng gěi wǒ zhǐ yīxià ma?

Getting Directions

Using Public Transportation
These phrases will help you navigate buses and subways.

  1. Which bus should I take to get to the museum?


    Wǒ yào qù bówùguǎn yīnggāi zuò nǎ lù gōngjiāo chē?

  2. How many stops are there to the airport?


    Dào jīchǎng yǒu jǐ zhàn?
  3. Is there a direct subway to the city center?
    Yǒu zhídá shì zhōngxīn de dìtiě ma?

Walking Directions

When you're exploring the city on foot, these phrases come in handy.

  1. How far is the nearest coffee shop?


    Zuìjìn de kāfēi diàn yǒu duō yuǎn?
  2. Can I walk to the park from here?

Wǒ néng cóng zhèlǐ zǒu dào gōngyuán ma?
  3. Is it safe to walk around here at night?
    Wǎnshàng zài zhèlǐ zǒu ānquán ma?

Specific Situations

In Case of Getting Lost
Use these phrases when you find yourself lost and need help.

  1. I think I'm lost. Can you help me?


    Wǒ hǎoxiàng mílù le. Nǐ néng bāngbāng wǒ ma?

  2. I can't find this address.


    Wǒ zhǎo bù dào zhège dìzhǐ.

  3. Is there a landmark nearby?
    Fùjìn yǒu dìbiāo ma?

Additional Situations

Finding Specific Facilities
These phrases help when you need to locate specific facilities.

  1. Is there a restroom nearby?
Fùjìn yǒu xǐshǒujiān ma?

  2. Where can I find a pharmacy?


    Nǎlǐ yǒu yàodiàn?

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