Unconventional Chinese Medicinal Drinks You Never Thought of!

Monday, March 11, 2024
Chinese medicinal drinks have always played a significant role in traditional Chinese medicine. Apart from the common herbal soups and medicinal diets, there are also some less traditional but equally effective Chinese medicinal drinks. Today, we'll introduce two distinctive Chinese medicinal drinks: Honey Pomelo Tea and Job's Tears Red Bean Soup.

Honey Pomelo Tea

Honey Pomelo Tea is a deliciously sweet Chinese medicinal drink made with pomelo, honey, and hot water. Pomelo is believed to have the effects of clearing heat, resolving phlegm, diuresis, and reducing swelling, while honey has the function of moisturizing the lungs and relieving coughs. Slice the pomelo, add honey and hot water, stir well, and it's ready to enjoy. Not only does this drink taste delightful 愉快的 (yú kuài de), but it can also relieve coughs, sore throats, and other discomforts.

愉快的 (yú kuài de), adj, delightful


  1. The garden is filled with delightful flowers.
    Zhège huāyuán lǐ zhǎng mǎnle yúkuài de huāduǒ.
  2. We had a delightful time at the picnic.
    Wǒmen zài yěcān zhōng dùguòle yúkuài de shíguāng.

Job's Tears Red Bean Soup

Job's Tears Red Bean Soup is a light and tasty 美味 (měi wèi) Chinese medicinal drink made primarily from Job's tears and red beans. Job's tears have the effects of diuresis, reducing swelling, clearing heat, and detoxification, while red beans are rich in protein and vitamins, helping to supplement nutrition. Wash the Job's tears and red beans, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until soft, and then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to taste. This drink not only helps clear heat and promote diuresis but also supplements nutrition, making it suitable for consumption in the summer.

美味 (měi wèi), adj, tasty


  1. This cake is really tasty.
    zhège dàngāo fēicháng měiwèi.
  2. I tried the new restaurant last night, and the food was surprisingly tasty.
    zuówǎn wǒ qù chángshìle xīn de cāntīng, shíwù chūhū yìliào de měiwèi.
  • What Chinese medicinal drinks do you like?
    Wǒ xǐhuān shénme zhōngyào yǐnpǐn?
  • I like Job's Tears Red Bean Soup.
    Wǒ xǐhuān yìmǐ hóngdòu tāng.
  • I prefer Honey Pomelo Tea.
    Wǒ gèng xǐhuān fēngmì yòuzi chá.
  • I also like it, it's both good for health and tasty.
    Wǒ yě xǐhuān, yòu yǎngshēng yòu hǎohē.

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