Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Snacks

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Traditional Chinese medicine not only focuses on treating diseases but also emphasizes preventive healthcare. In Chinese medicine theory, diet is an essential aspect of maintaining health. Many traditional Chinese medicine health snacks are believed to have the effect of regulating the body and enhancing immunity.

Walnuts (核桃)

Walnuts are considered a nourishing food that helps nourish the kidneys 肾脏 (shèn zàng), improve brain function, and moisten the lungs. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which improve cardiovascular health and enhance brain function.

肾脏 (shèn zàng), noun, kidney


  1. His doctor said his kidneys were healthy.
    tā de yīshēng shuō tā de shèn zàng hěn jiànkāng.
  2. Eating too much salty food can damage your kidneys.
    chī tài duō xián de shíwù huì sǔnshāng nǐ de shèn zàng.

Black Sesame Paste (黑芝麻糊)

Black sesame is considered a nourishing ingredient that helps nourish the liver and kidneys, moisten the intestines, and promote bowel movements. Black sesame contains rich protein and vitamin E, which promote skin health and slow down aging.

Goji Berry and Chinese Yam Soup (枸杞山药汤)

Goji berry and Chinese yam soup is a traditional Chinese medicine health soup believed to benefit lung Qi, nourish Yin, and replenish blood. It has the effect of nourishing the body and enhancing physical fitness健身 (jiàn shēn), suitable for consumption in autumn and winter.

健身 (jiàn shēn), noun, fitness


  1. Regular exercise is important for maintaining fitness.
    dìngqī duànliàn duì bǎochí jiànshēn hěn zhòngyào.
  2. She goes to the gym every day to improve her fitness.
    tā měitiān qù jiànshēnfáng tígāo zìjǐ de jiànshēn shuǐpíng.

Red Dates (红枣)

 Red dates are regarded as a blood-nourishing tonic in Chinese medicine, widely used to regulate Qi and blood and strengthen the spleen and stomach. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, helping to boost immunity and regulate the body.

  1. China has many health snacks. 
    Zhōngguó yǒu xǔduō yǎngshēng xiǎochī.
  2. Eating more black sesame is good for hair. 
    Duō chī hēi zhīmá duì tóufa hǎo.
  3. Red dates are good for women.
    Hóngzǎo duì nǚxìng hěn hǎo.

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