Onlookers in Cyberspace: Spectating Masses-Chi Gua Qun Zhong

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

In today's era of social media, we often hear a term: "Spectating Masses," derived from Chinese internet culture, describing those who merely observe events without directly participating. In cyberspace, these onlookers play a unique role, sometimes even influencing the course of an event.

Who are the Spectating Masses-吃瓜群众 (chī guā qún zhòng)

The Spectating Masses are those who watch, comment on, and share events through the internet or social media but do not actively participate. They might browse popular 流行的 (liú xíng de) topics, gossip news, or watch live streams on platforms like Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Their interests often revolve around entertainment, gossip, and social hot topics rather than taking real action.

流行的 (liú xíng de), adj, popular


  1. This show is very popular.
    Zhège jiémù fēicháng liúxíng.
  2. That celebrity is very popular.
    nàgè míngxīng fēicháng liúxíng.

Characteristics of the Spectating Masses

  • Observation and Commentary: Spectating Masses typically watch the development of events on social media and express their opinions and comments. They may speculate, joke, or criticize events, but few take concrete actions to alter the course of events.
  • Sharing and Dissemination: They also spread events by reposting, sharing, or commenting. They might share interesting or trending topics with their friends or followers, thereby expanding the influence 影响 (yǐng xiǎng) of the event.
  • Chasing Hot Topics: Spectating Masses often chase after trending topics, focusing on the latest gossip, celebrity scandals, or social hot issues. They may follow the development of public opinion, but few delve into researching or contemplating the reasons and impacts behind the events.

影响 (yǐng xiǎng), noun, influence


  1. Her positive attitude has a great influence on her friends.
    Tā de jījí tàidù duì tā de péngyǒu yǒu hěn dà de yǐngxiǎng.
  2. Reading books can have a positive influence on children's development.
    Yuèdú shūjí duì értóng de fāzhǎn yǒu jījí de yǐngxiǎng.

Key Sentences:

  1. The spectating masses gathered online to follow the latest celebrity gossip.
    Chīguā qúnzhòng zài wǎngshàng jùjí, zhuīsuí zuìxīn de míng rén bāguà.
  2. When a scandal broke out, the spectating masses quickly joined the conversation on social media.
    Dāng chǒuwén bàofā shí, chīguā qúnzhòng xùnsù jiārùle shèjiāo méitǐ shàng de tǎolùn.
  3. The spectating masses watched the live stream of the concert, enjoying the performances from the comfort of their homes.
     Chīguā qúnzhòng guānkànle yīnyuè huì de zhíbò, zài jiālǐ shūshì de xīnshǎng biǎoyǎn.

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