Interesting Aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Tui Na Massage

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

In traditional Chinese medicine, tuina massage is regarded as an ancient and effective therapy. With a long history spanning thousands of years, it has brought relief and healing to many. Today, let's delve into this miraculous therapy to explore its principles, applications, and benefits.


The principles of tuina massage are based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, which involve massaging specific acupoints and meridians to regulate the flow of qi and blood, as well as to promote the body's self-healing ability. Massage techniques can alleviate muscle 肌肉 (jī ròu) tension, improve blood circulation, and thus relieve pain and enhance bodily functions.

肌肉 (jī ròu), noun, muscle


  1. He strained a muscle while lifting weights at the gym.
    Tā zài jiànshēnfáng jǔzhòng shí lā shāng le jīròu.
  2. Regular exercise helps strengthen muscles.
    Dìngqī duànliàn yǒuzhù yú jiāqiáng jīròu.


As a natural therapy, tuina massage offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it effectively relieves various musculoskeletal pains such as neck, shoulder, and back pain. Secondly, tuina massage can improve blood 血液 (xuè yè) circulation, enhance immune function, and boost the body's resistance. Furthermore, it can alleviate stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being.

血液 (xuè yè), noun, blood


  1. The doctor drew some blood for tests.
    Yīshēng chōu le xiē xuèyè jìnxíng jiǎnchá.
  2. She donated blood to help those in need.
    Tā juānxiàn le xuèyè lái bāngzhù xūyào bāngzhù de rén.

Key Sentences:

  • Hello, are you here to try tuina massage today?
    Nín hǎo, nín jīntiān lái chángshì tuīná ànmó ma?
  • Yes, I have some soreness in my shoulders, hoping tuina massage can relieve it.
    Shì de, wǒ yǒudiǎn jiānbǎng suāntòng, xīwàng tuīná ànmó néng huǎnjiě yīxià.
  • Alright, please lie down, I'll use massage techniques to help alleviate discomfort in your shoulders.
    Hǎo de, qǐng nín tǎng xià, wǒ huì yòng shǒufǎ bāngzhù nín huǎnjiě jiānbù bùshì.

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