How to Use Traditional Chinese Medicine Dietary Therapy to Regulate Qi and Blood

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, Qi and blood are essential factors for maintaining human health. Qi flows throughout the body, while blood circulates, both working together to sustain normal bodily functions. If Qi and blood are deficient or not flowing smoothly, various health problems may arise. Fortunately, traditional Chinese medicine offers many methods to regulate Qi and blood through dietary adjustments, restoring balance to the body. Here are some ways to utilize traditional Chinese medicine dietary therapy to regulate Qi and blood

Focus on the Aroma and Color of Foods

In Chinese medicine, the aroma and color of foods are associated with the five elements and play a crucial role in regulating Qi and blood. For example, red foods such as red dates, brown sugar, and carrots are beneficial for nourishing blood, while yellow foods like cucumber, pumpkin, and soybeans help harmonize the spleen and stomach, promoting the circulation 循环 (xún huán) of Qi and blood.

循环 (xún huán), noun, circulation


  1. Blood circulation is crucial for maintaining good health.
    xiěyè xúnhuán duìyú bǎochí jiànkāng zhì guān zhòngyào.
  2. Good air circulation is necessary for a healthy indoor environment.
    liánghǎo de kōngqì xúnhuán duìyú chuàngzào jiànkāng de shìnèi huánjìng shì bìyào de.

Choose Foods that Tonify Qi and Blood

Certain foods are believed to tonify Qi and blood in Chinese medicine. For instance, foods like wolfberries, dates, and pork liver are considered excellent choices for nourishing blood. Additionally, leafy greens, animal liver 肝脏 (gān zàng), and fish are rich in iron, promoting blood production.

肝脏 (gān zàng), noun, liver


  1. My doctor said my liver is healthy.
    wǒ de yīshēng shuō wǒ de gān zàng hěn jiànkāng.
  2. Eating too much fatty food can damage your liver.
    chī tài duō yóu nì de shíwù huì sǔnshāng nǐ de gān zàng.

Avoid Cold Foods: Consuming cold foods can lead to deficiency of yang Qi in the body, affecting the normal circulation of Qi and blood. Therefore, it's advisable to avoid consuming raw or cold foods, such as chilled beverages and raw fruits.

Key Sentences:

  1. I regulate my Qi and blood by eating more red dates.
    Wǒ tōngguò duō chī hóng zǎo tiáolǐ qì xiě.
  2. Women should pay more attention to regulating their Qi and blood.
    Nǚxìng gèng yīnggāi tiáolǐ qì xiě.
  3. Regulating Qi and blood is very important for our health.
    Tiáolǐ qì xiě duì wǒmen de jiànkāng hěn zhòngyào.

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