Announcement: GlobalMandarin to amalgamate with ChineseLearning.Com

Sunday, December 25, 2022

We have pleasure in announcing that, on and after this date, our two brands of GlobalMandarin and ChineseLearning will amalgamate under the brand-name of ChineseLearning.Com


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FAQ / Tips

Short answer: Mandarin.

Long answer: China has a large territory. There are 56 ethnic nationalities and each speaks their own language, for example, people in Hong Kong speaks Cantonese (their local language) in addition to Mandarin. The largest ethnic group is Han which consists more than 90% of the population...

Most of people think chinese language is very difficult to learn. why so many foreigners, esp. those who have never come to China, find it so hard to learn and master this actually simple language? As a native Chinese, I can speak, listen, write, think and understand in Chinese....

For Interests, business, exam, job position, etc, For different purpose, you will spend different...