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Melinda Gao


Hello everyone! It is nice to meet you here. I am Melinda Gao. I come from Xi’an, in Shanxi province. I graduated from Shanxi Normal University, majoring in English. This is my fifth year of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I have accumulated quite a lot of experiences in the field of Mandarin teaching.

I love my job! It always makes me happy. I am passionate and enjoyable to give each lesson. Especially, when my students make great progress, that feeling of joy cannot be expressed in words. I love my students; I took them as my best friend. They are sincere, friendly and frank. They always bring me the smile.

I am a positive and optimistic person. I like reading, travelling, and doing Yoga. They can make me relax. I really do enjoy my life just as I do my work.

There is an idiom in China: it is never too late to learn. It is also my motto, which applies to personal things as well as my work.

I am looking forward to meeting you in ChineseLearning.Com, are you ready? Come on! Let’s learn together!

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  • University:

    Shanxi Normal University

  • Location:

    Xi'An China

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    China Standard Time

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