A US boy’s learning Chinese Goal-dream to learning Chinese Kung Fu in some day

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

I was born in US, and my father is Taiwanese and my mother is from Hong Kong. With the influence of my parents, I began to learn Chinese, but I do not speak well because of there is a certain Chinese environment. 

At first, I can only imitate my teacher to read, some letters are often read wrong, such as C, B, D, P. I have a little basic knowledge of Chinese, for example, I know how to express the names of some simple animals, cars and colors in Chinese. I need English assistance in the class and every word needs Pinyin.

My parents think me that I need a Chinese teacher to help me to improve my Chinese learning.

I should get a solid foundation of pronunciation and improve the ability of daily oral expression, improve literacy, and then be able to read independently and fluently. Fortunately I met my Global Mandarin teacher- Ivy, who began my world of more interesting about Chinese culture. 

Global Mandarin teacher

 Communication is the first, and it may also be used in future exams. Ivy teaches me with the textbook "children's edition of learning Chinese easily", cooperating with TPR teaching. The course is taught in all Chinese, which added relaxed and interesting game activities to guide me to express on the basis of understanding, small exercises to deepen my memory and help me to use them. Sometimes she will expand the reading with some small stories, painting the lily and waiting for the hare. Every Chinese festival, such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and so on, will teach me to popularize Festival related activities. I can get more Chinese Culture from Ivy to strengthen literacy and oral fluency. 

With the help of Ivy, I get a great progress of learning, I can spell it correctly and write the Pinyin of words. And vocabulary and literacy have greatly improved. Now I can talk with my teacher and read simple stories by myself, and my understanding ability and vocabulary are improved, can understand the teacher's daily expressions. Now, common words can be read fluently without Pinyin. In the process of learning, Ivy helps me to classify and summarize some literacy methods, such as radical classification. it is very useful. Now they can recognize about 300 common words. writing is not difficult for me. I can master certain writing rules, such as from left to right, from top to bottom, first write and then write. it's a funny thing!

Disneyland in Hong Kong

I've been learning Chinese for nearly four years by PC and textbook. I've made great progress from simple words at the beginning to paragraph expression now. I go to my grandparents' home in Taiwan and Hong Kong every year. I speak Chinese to them. I think I'm very good. Once I went to Disneyland in Hong Kong and met Chinese children. We used Chinese to communicate with each other. They thought my Chinese was amazing. I will continue to learn. I like Chinese stories and culture. By the way, I'm also learning Chinese Kung Fu now. It's so interesting. One day, I'll go to China to participate in the Kung Fu competition.


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Short answer: Mandarin.

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