The Early Bird Gets Shot-枪打出头鸟 (qiāng dǎ chū tóu niǎo)

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

"枪打出头鸟" (qiāng dǎ chū tóu niǎo) is a well-known Chinese fable with widespread circulation. The story revolves around a young hunter who, while chasing birds in the forest, always attempts to shoot the one flying highest. Despite the challenges he faces each time, he persists relentlessly and eventually succeeds in shooting down the bird that 引领 (yǐn lǐng) led the flock. This story emphasizes the courage to pursue excellence and surpass mediocrity.

引领 (yǐn lǐng),verb,led


  1. She led the team to victory with her exceptional leadership skills.
    Tā píngjié zhuóyuè de lǐngdǎo nénglì dàilǐng tuánduì qǔdé le shènglì.
  2. Effective communication is crucial for a leader to successfully lead a team.
    Yǒuxiào de gōutōng duìyú lǐngdǎo chénggōng yǐnlǐng tuánduì zhìguān zhòngyào.

Inspiration and Meaning

The story inspires people to strive for excellence and not settle for mediocrity. "枪打出头鸟" (qiāng dǎ chū tóu niǎo) metaphorically describes standing out among many competitors and achieving success. This fable teaches us to overcome difficulties, face challenges with courage, and 努力 (nǔ lì) strive to surpass mediocrity.

努力 (nǔ lì),verb,strive


  1. She always strives to do her best in everything she undertakes.
    Tā zǒng shì nǔlì zuò hǎo tā suǒ chéngdān de yīqiè.
  2. We should strive for a more sustainable future to protect the environment.
    Wǒmen yīng gāi nǔlì zhuīqiú gèng kěchíxù de wèilái, yǐ bǎohù huánjìng.

Modern Application

The story of "枪打出头鸟" (qiāng dǎ chū tóu niǎo) holds significant relevance in contemporary society. It reminds us to cultivate a mindset of pursuing excellence and continuously improving our skills and qualities to stand out in our careers and lives. This concept can also be applied to teamwork, motivating team members to pursue higher goals.

Key Sentences:

  1. He has been working diligently, persistently seeking the opportunity to strike ahead of the pack.
    Tā yīzhí nǔlì gōngzuò, jiānchí zhuīqiú qiāng dǎ chūtóu niǎo de jīhuì.
  2. The company encourages employees to innovate and stand out as "strike ahead of the pack."
     Gōngsī gǔlì yuángōng chuàngxīn, tuōyǐng érchū, chéngwéi "qiāng dǎ chūtóu niǎo."
  3. "strike ahead of the pack" is an article rich in profound meaning.
    "Qiāng dǎ chūtóu niǎo" shì yīpiān fùhán shēnyì de wénzhāng.

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