Chinese story-Every word is worth a thousand words-yi zi qian jin-一字千金

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Every word is worth a thousand words. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Lu Buwei kept three thousand disciples as his advisers,
lǚ  bù  wéi  yǎng  le  sān  qiān  mén  kè  ,  zuò  wéi  tā  de  zhì  náng  ,  

Devise ways to consolidate his power.
xiǎng  chū  zhǒng  zhǒng  bàn  fǎ  lái  gǒng  gù  tā  de  zhèng  quán  .

These people, these people, they have everything,
zhè  xiē  mén  kè  ,  sān  jiào  jiǔ  liú  de  rén  ,  yīng  yǒu  jìn  yǒu  ,  

Each has his own opinion and experience;
tā  men  gè  rén  yǒu  gè  rén  de  jiàn  jiě  hé  xīn  dé  ; 

Put it on paper. Gather together,
dōu  tí  chū  lái  xiè  zài  shū  miàn  shàng  .  huì  jí  qǐ  lái  , 

Became a great work of more than 200,000 words,
chéng  le  yī  bù  èr  shí  yú  wàn  yán  de  jù  zhe  , 

"Lu's Spring and Autumn Annals" was nominated.
tí  míng  “  lǚ  shì  chūn  qiū  ”  .

Lu Buwei regarded this book as a classic for the unification of the state of Qin.
lǚ  bù  wéi  jiù  bǎ  zhè  bù  shū  zuò  wéi  qín  guó  tǒng  yī  tiān  xià  de  jīng  diǎn  .

At that time, Lv Shi published the book in Xianyang, the capital of Qin.
dàng  shí  lǚ  shì  bǎ  zhè  shū  zài  qín  guó  shǒu  dū  xián  yáng  gōng  bù  :  xuán  le  shǎng  gé  ,  

Said anyone can add a word or subtract a word in the book, reward gold.
shuō  yǒu  rén  néng  zài  shū  zhōng  zēng  jiā  yī  zì  huò  jiǎn  yī  zì  zhě  ,  jiù  shǎng  cì  qiān  jīn。  

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