Children Story-Sima Guang Smashed the Water Vat-si mɑ ɡuɑnɡ zɑ ɡɑnɡ-司马光砸缸

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-Sima Guang Smashed the Water Vat. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

One day, Sima Guang, a 9-year-old boy, was playing hide-and-seek with his friends in the backyard.
yì tiān, 9 suì de xiǎo nán háir sī mǎ ɡuānɡ hé tā de xiǎo huǒ bàn men zài hòu yuàn wán zhuō mí cánɡ。 

Some of them hid behind a big rock;
tā men yǒu de rén duǒ zài yí kuài dà shí tou hòu miɑn; 

Some hid in the pavilion;
yǒu de duǒ zài tínɡ zi lǐ miàn; 

One of a little boy wanted to hide in a big vat, 
yǒu ɡè xiǎo nán háir xiǎnɡ duǒ jìn yí ɡè dà ɡānɡ lǐ,

Which was unexpectedly full of water,
méi xiǎnɡ dào ɡānɡ lǐ zhuānɡ mǎn le shuǐ,
Barely had he climbed on the edge of the vat when he accidentally slipped into it.
tā ɡānɡ pá shànɡ ɡānɡ biān,jiù bù xiǎo xīn huá le yí xià, diào jìn ɡānɡ lǐ le。 

The other children were frightened and worried,
qí tā de hái zi men jì hài pà yòu dān xīn, 

They didn't know what to do.
tā men bù zhī dào ɡāi zěn me bàn. 

Sima Guang racked his brain for a solution.
sī mǎ ɡuānɡ nǎo zi lǐ fēi kuài dì xiǎnɡ zhe jiù rén de bàn fǎ。 

At this moment, Sima Guang saw a stone beside the water vat,
jiù zài zhè shí,sī mǎ ɡuānɡ kàn dào shuǐ ɡānɡ pánɡ biān yǒu yí kuài shí tou, 

Then, he picked it up quickly and break the water vat.
rán hòu,tā xùn sù jiǎn qǐ shí tou,dǎ suì le shuǐ ɡānɡ。 

Suddenly, the water flooded out and that boy who fell into the vat was saved.
tū rán,shuǐ pēn yǒnɡ ér chū,diào jìn shuǐ ɡānɡ de nán háir dé jiù le。 

Sima Guang in the story shows his cleverness and calmness.
ɡù shi zhōnɡ dì sī mǎ ɡuānɡ zhǎn xiàn chū le tā de cōnɡ mínɡ hé lěnɡ jìnɡ,
We should learn from him.
wǒ men yīnɡ ɡāi xiànɡ tā xué xí。 

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