Chinese Songs-The appellation of family members-jiɑ tinɡ li mɑo chenɡ hu ɡe-家庭礼貌称呼歌

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named The appellation of family members. Do you know how to sing the song? Let's begin.

What's father's father be called?
bà bɑ de bà bɑ jiào shén me?
Father's father is called paternal grandpa.
bà bɑ de bà bɑ jiào yé ye。 

What's father's mother be called?
bà bɑ de mā mɑ jiào shén me?

Father's mother is called paternal grandma.
bà bɑ de mā mɑ jiào nǎi nɑi。
What's father's elder brother be called?
bà bɑ de ɡē ɡe jiào shén me? 

Father's elder brother is called paternal elder uncle.
bà bɑ de ɡē ɡe jiào bó bo。 

What's father's younger brother be called?
bà bɑ de dì di jiào shén me?
Father's younger brother is called paternal younger uncle.
bà bɑ de dì di jiào shū shu。 

What's father's sister be called?
bà bɑ de jiě mèi jiào shén me ?
Father's sister is called paternal aunt.
bà bɑ de jiě mèi jiào ɡū ɡu。
What's mother's father be called?
mā mɑ de bà bɑ jiào shén me? 

Mother's father is maternal grandpa.
mā mɑ de bà bɑ jiào wài ɡōnɡ。 

What's mother's mother be called?
mā mɑ de mā mɑ jiào shén me? 

Mother's mother is called maternal grandma.
mā mɑ de mā mɑ jiào wài pó。 

What's mother's brother be called?
mā mɑ de xiōnɡ di jiào shén me? 

Mother's brother is called maternal uncle.
mā mɑ de xiōnɡ di jiào jiù jiu。 

What's mother's sister be called?
mā mɑ de jiě mèi jiào shén me? 

Mother's sister is called maternal aunt.
mā mɑ de jiě mèi jiào ɡū ɡu。 

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