Chinese Songs-Ten little fingers-shi ɡe xiɑo shou zhi-十个小手指

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named Ten little fingers. Do you know how to sing the song? Let's begin.

I have ten little fingers.
wǒ yǒu shí ɡè xiǎo shóu zhǐ。
And they all belong to me.
tā men dōu shǔ yú wǒ。 

I can make them do many things.
wǒ nénɡ rànɡ tā men zuò hěn duō shì。
Would you like to see?
nǐ xiǎnɡ kàn kɑn mɑ? 

I can shut them up tightly.
wǒ ké yǐ bǎ tā men jǐn jǐn hé shànɡ。 

Or open them all wide.
huò zhě bǎ tā men wán quán zhānɡ kāi。 

I can put them together.
wǒ ké yǐ bǎ tā men fànɡ zài yì qǐ。 

Or make them all hide.
huò zhě rànɡ tā men quán bù cánɡ qǐ lái。 

I can make them jump high.
wǒ ké yǐ rànɡ tā men tiào ɡāo。
I can make them jump low.
wǒ ké yǐ rànɡ tā men tiào dī。
I can fold them quietly.
wǒ ké yǐ bǎ tā men jìnɡ jìnɡ dì jiāo dié。 

And hold them just so.
yě ké yǐ jiù zhè yànɡ fànɡ zhe。 

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