Chinese Songs-Number Song-shu zi ɡe-数字歌

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named Number Song. Do you know how to sing the song? Let's begin.

One is like a pencil, thin and long.
1 xiànɡ qiān bǐ,xì yòu chánɡ。 

Two is like a duck swimming in the water.
2 xiànɡ yā zi shuǐ zhōnɡ yóu。 

Three is like an ear listening to sound.
3 xiànɡ ěr duo tīnɡ shēnɡ yīn。 

Four is like flags floating in the wind.
4 xiànɡ qí zi yínɡ fēnɡ piāo。 

Five is like a hook weighing things.
5 xiànɡ chènɡ ɡōu chēnɡ dōnɡ xi。
Six is like whistles, blowing.
6 xiànɡ shào zi chuī shēnɡ yīn。
Seven is a sickle cutting grass.
7 xiànɡ lián dāo ɡē qīnɡ cǎo。 

Eight is like a fried twist, twisting.
8 xiànɡ má huā nǐnɡ yi nǐnɡ。 

Nine is like tadpoles, wagging their tails.
9 xiànɡ kē dǒu yáo wěi bɑ。

Ten is like  a pencil and an egg.
10 xiànɡ kuài zi jiā jī dàn。 

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