Chinese Songs-Lullaby-yɑo lɑn qu-摇篮曲

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named Lullaby. Do you know how to sing the song? Let's begin.

Sleep, sleep, my darling baby.
shuì bɑ,shuì bɑ,wǒ qīn ài de bǎo bèi。
Mom's hands gently swinging the cradle.
mā mɑ de shuānɡ shǒu qīnɡ qīnɡ yáo zhe nǐ。 

With the cradle swinging,quickly sleep.
yáo lán yáo nǐ kuài kuài ān shuì。
The night is quiet already.
yè yǐ ān jìnɡ 

How warm in your quilt.
bèi lǐ duō wēn nuǎn。 

Sleep, sleep, my darling baby.
shuì bɑ,shuì bɑ,wǒ qīn ài de bǎo bèi。

Mom's arms will always protect you.
mā mɑ de shuānɡ bì yónɡ yuǎn bǎo hù nǐ。
All the wishes for happiness in the world.
shì shànɡ yì qiè xìnɡ fú yuàn wànɡ。 

All the warmth belongs to you.
yì qiè wēn nuǎn quán bù shǔ yú nǐ。 

Sleep, sleep, my darling baby.
shuì bɑ,shuì bɑ,wǒ qīn ài de bǎo bèi。

Mom loves you and mom likes you.
mā mɑ ài nǐ mā mɑ xǐ huɑn nǐ。

A bounch of lilies and roses.
yí shù bǎi hé yí shù méi ɡui。 

Mom will give them to you when you wake up.
děnɡ nǐ shuì xǐnɡ, mā mɑ dōu ɡěi nǐ。 

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